Brain On Auto-Pilot Mode

There's no doubt that people are more than often running around in their auto-pilot modes. Their bodies are somewhere and their minds elsewhere; totally out of sync. Their attention is divided into multiple tasks at once. Checking out Instagram and Facebook accounts, texting somebody and doing something else at the same time. Thinking of something,… Continue reading Brain On Auto-Pilot Mode

On Becoming Passionately Curious

Now how do you get curious? How do you become passionately curious about anything? Well, look around you. Look at the wonder around you. Pick up anything. Contemplate upon it's Past, Present and Future. How did it get here? How long is it going to be here? What is it actually? What is so special… Continue reading On Becoming Passionately Curious

On The Questions Of Origin Of Universe, Life, God etc.

This is a small passage taken from the book "The Tree Of Enlightenment" by Dr. Peter Della Sentina. You can find the free full version of the book freely at this location. The passage interestingly talks about the question "Do I need to know it all before taking any actions in the world?" The Tree… Continue reading On The Questions Of Origin Of Universe, Life, God etc.