The Story Of Good Thing Bad Thing Who Knows

End Of Story

Good Thing Bad Thing Who Knows A man and his son lived in a beautiful valley and they were very happy, but they were also dirt poor. One day, the man got tired of being dirt poor and he wanted to be rich so he decided he was going to become rich by breeding horses,… Continue reading The Story Of Good Thing Bad Thing Who Knows

Nepal’s Election 2017

Onset Of A Better Nepal It is a general belief that politics is dirty in the world, more so in South-East Asia. Looking at it from a different perspective, some philosophers and quantum physicists have said that whatever we deeply believe in, materializes physically. Thoughts become our reality. With this consent, I would like to… Continue reading Nepal’s Election 2017

Should I Shut Down My Facebook?

Scrabble Facebook

From it's inception in 2004 to the present day, Facebook has been constantly growing it's user base at an amazing rate. While it took about 8 years to reach it's first billion users, within just another 5 years, it has managed to double this size. Facebook has now become the first ever social media platform… Continue reading Should I Shut Down My Facebook?

The World Is My True Friend

Happy friends

Imagine that the world is your true friend, your best friend, someone you have been playing around with from your childhood. Every living entity of it. Your family, friends, relatives, co-workers and managers. Any person you see daily on the streets,  any person you do your business with. The large industrialists and the local shop… Continue reading The World Is My True Friend

On Perfection and Living Perfectly


It seems that Perfection depends upon just a few things: A Goal to Achieve Preparation A Goal To Achieve As they say, "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there",  without a goal, there is nothing to achieve. So, there is no question about the quality of good, bad… Continue reading On Perfection and Living Perfectly

Brain On Auto-Pilot Mode

Stressful Life-style

There's no doubt that people are more than often running around in their auto-pilot modes. Their bodies are somewhere and their minds elsewhere; totally out of sync. Their attention is divided into multiple tasks at once. Checking out instagram and facebook accounts, texting somebody and doing something else at the same time. Thinking of something,… Continue reading Brain On Auto-Pilot Mode

On Becoming Passionately Curious

A simple pen

Now how do you get curious? Well, look around you. Look at the wonder around you. Pick up anything. Contemplate upon it's Past, Present and Future. How did it get here? How long is it going to be here? What is it actually? What is so special about it? Pick up anything. Pick up a… Continue reading On Becoming Passionately Curious

On The Questions Of Origin Of Universe, Life, God etc.

Tree of Enlightenment

This is a small passage taken from the book "The Tree Of Enlightenment" by Dr. Peter Della Sentina. You can find the free full version of the book freely at this location. The passage interestingly talks about the question "Do I need to know it all before taking any actions in the world?" The Tree… Continue reading On The Questions Of Origin Of Universe, Life, God etc.